Tune into Your

Victory Channel

A place where you are…

Created & Fulfilled — Commanded & Fearless — Commissioned & Focused


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It’s Brenda, and I’m so happy that you are visiting my site.

It likely means you’re ready to tune into your Victory Channel, a place where you’re created and worthy, commanded and fearless, commissioned and focused, leading a life worthy of your calling.

I’m a speaker, life strategy and business coach, and author of Save the Butter Tubs!: Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World helping individuals, discouraged by a lack of direction, distracted by a fear of not measuring up, and defeated by depression, tune into their Victory Channel.

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Brenda Haire is a vibrant, passionate woman of God who is a gifted writer and speaker. Her book, Save the Butter Tubs, shares a powerful message of realization that we are enough and have enough to leave an indispensable legacy.

Andrea Fehr, author of Freaking Out to Flying Free, founder of Flying Free Ministries