Please Note: This list has been compiled based on my experience and needs. Some of these resources are free and some aren't. Those with a cost associated are affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. I only post things that I have used personally or that I would recommend to my closest friends. I hope they serve you well, as they have me.

Writing and Publishing:

Discover how to WRITE, PUBLISH, and MARKET your book the right way. Hop on this webinar to learn how to choose the right publisher and turn your book into 18 streams of income.

My Book Blueprint: If you have a book idea and are ready to start, START HERE! This study helped me gain clarity in turning my thoughts into an actual book. This step by step guide and access to more information, to a coach and to a community of authors is worth every penny!

My Book Hook is a free 7 day video training that will have you thinking like an author and on to your killer book idea.

Books on writing I highly suggest:

The Writer's Life: Insights from the Right to Write  Author Julia Cameron will empower you with this little gem.

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) This best-selling eBook by Jeff Goins truly offers practical tips and inspiration for how you can start living the dream and become a real writer by believing you already are one.

The War of Art By far one of the best books I have read for writers and creatives. If you feel stuck in any way, this is the one to read ASAP

Tech Tools:

This cooling pad is a must-have for anyone on their laptop for an extended period of time. Why did I wait so long! Not only does it keep your laptop from overheating but this model elevates your screen for easier viewing. It is adjustable to your comfort level. It's quite and best of all, really works. I have noticed my computer speed is better when I am using it as well!

This microphone is great for recording professional sound during videos or audio recording for embedding.

A remote control tripod that holds your phone for recording videos. The Bluetooth remote allows you to stop and start your video with you already in position for a more professional look.

Apps I love:

Evernote: Think of it as a file folder for your thoughts! It syncs with your phone and laptop. You can record your thoughts on your phone, then open your laptop and continue working! Set up files by the project including reminders. Amazing tool for any business!

HootSuite: Saves time posting to multiple social media accounts. You can schedule your posts in advance and on multiple streams at once.

Grammarly: Edits as you type on your laptop...not just in a word document but any text! No more embarrassing Facebook posts with misspellings or using the wrong homophones! Keep your blog looking professional without hiring an editor!

A Must Attend Confernce:

Igniting Souls Conference -Great for authors and readers alike!


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