4 Writer's Tools You'll Love

Writer's Tools You'll LoveLearning from some great mentors, I recently put some great writer's tools on my Christmas list. This year my son and I came up with the idea to use our Amazon wish lists as shopping lists for each other. Knowing I need some tools to help launch my book this year, I opted for those this Christmas. Big thank you to my children for my book related gifts! What can I say?  This girl is on a mission! As always I want to help you reach your dreams as well.

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Here are four writer's tools that I am currently using:

A Microphone to record my book's audible version.

Remote Control Tripod to hold my iPhone while I create videos. I love the remote control feature because I can start it with a smile on my face and not have to edit out that awkward moving away from the camera moment.

Evernote: It's free and my absolute favorite new writer's tool. A must have for ever writer as far as I am concerned. It's an app for your phone that you can set up with the projects you are working on. You can:

  • Save notes to project files
  • Save pictures to project files
  • Add reminders
  • Access the app from your computer to add your notes and such to your book project

I never thought I would change to an app. I have always been a pen and journal girl but this app has changed my world. I love that when I have a thought that needs to go into my book, I can open the app on my phone, click my microphone button and record my thought. Then when I sit down to work on my book, it's all there waiting for me on my laptop. Amazing!

This app has so many uses! I have a file for blog posts, each of my book projects, twitter posts, and so much more. Makes it so much easier than flipping through my journal to look for that one thought.

I do still use a journal to take notes and free write. If, when doing so I come across a thought or idea that fits into one of my files, I take a picture of my journal and save a picture in the appropriate file. This app is a writer's new bestie! I've heard some pod-castors say that it is too complicated but that hasn't been my experience. I love it!

This is one of the bulking tools I speak about in my free Legacy Calendar Model, the best model for successfully completing your projects. You can sign up for your free copy and get the five step model in your inbox today!

My longtime favorite tool for bulking is Hootsuite.  This tool allows you to schedule posts on your social media. There is a slew of reason for doing this. If you know you have an upcoming event that will keep you from being live, you don't have to worry, just schedule some posts. You can still server your tribe! I love it because I can bulk task all my social media. I can sit down for an hour and write posts for the entire week.

I still check my social media accounts to interact with my followers on a regular basis. If I think of something or want to share on the spot, I still post outside of Hootsuite as well.

I use the free version of both Evernote and Hootsuite. These are not affiliates. I don't get paid for telling you how awesome they are. I just think they are awesome and think you should know about them. It's all about creating a better life, a simpler life.

Four Writer's Tools You'll Love

If you've found any of these writer's tools helpful or have questions, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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