Who will use you?

Isn’t it just like the enemy to use those closest to us to hurt us? Don’t allow the enemy to use you in someone else’s life.

I’m on a mission and the enemy has tried hard to attack me from every angel. I’ve stood my ground so now he is attempting to use others to get to me. Don’t be used by him!!!!

How the enemy gets in…he uses the ego. People think more about themselves than they do you. Many people have been asking for favors or giving unsolicited and untimely advice for things they’ve never even done themselves. It’s been interesting. I’m like, hello!!!! I’m in the busiest, most exciting time of my life, and you think it’s time to ask for a favor? What? Or be the critique? Nows not the time. Helpful tips are always welcome, keep the negative energy to yourself, please. Thank you.

I choose to surround myself with the encouragers. I’m more thankful for the givers in my life than I have ever been, and I am thankful that they are teaching me how to love others better. I’ve got a great support team and they are loving on me, sending me notes of encouragement, and sharing my posts. I’m thankful for these people. They have no idea how much their thoughtfulness means right now. I’m feeling the love! While the enemy is using some to nag at me, God is using others to bless my socks off!

I’m studying the behavior of others. Still trying to figure out what’s behind it. Family or friends that are avoiding me or not showing up for me in this, the biggest event of my life, it’s strange. One of my mentors says it’s because they can’t face the dreams. The dreams that are coming true for me and the ones that they are still burying. I find this very sad. It does make me wonder if I do this to others. I hope I’ve never been the one to not support your dream. If I have, please forgive me. If I’ve been the selfish one, not realizing the stress you’re under or how long your to-do list really is, I’m sorry.

I don’t think I’m that person, but I’m sure those being that person to me right now don’t realize they are either. So what can we do? We can be intentional about celebrating with others, even if it’s not our thing! Maybe books are your thing, I get it. They weren’t mine until 2003! Either way, here’s what you can do to support an author releasing their first book or maybe someone in your life is going back to school, having a baby, or starting a new career.

  1. Pray for them. Send them prayers. Send them text letting them know you are praying.

  2. Don’t ask for favors. Things will slow down again. I will have time to help you later. Right, now, I’m doing my best to get my to-do list checked off.

  3. Give helpful tips, things that will make life easier. Don’t criticize me. I don’t have time for new ideas, or to do what you’ve deemed necessary. I’m keeping things simple and focusing on what God has called me to do.

  4. Share my posts, buy a copy of the book (if you don’t read, gift it), leave reviews, show up in the audience, clap, smile, hug me…I need it!

  5. Introduce me to your contacts. Who do you know that needs a speaker for an event? Introduce me to the event planner at your library, bookstore, church, or organization.

I realize people don’t understand because they haven’t been here. Those that have been here, get it. So I’m not writing this to blame you for not getting it. I just want to help you understand a bit more. It’s a big deal. I didn’t write, Save the Butter Tubs!: Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World so it could be published. I wrote it to change lives. I wrote it so God could use it in a big way. He already is, but I have to do my part. I have to get up everyday and press on. I have to fight the voices in my head telling me I’m not enough. I have to screen the critiques and the haters. I have to trust and allow God to use me, will you do the same?

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