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It's a Themed Party!

I love themed parties! Maybe it stems from one of my former jobs. I was once an event planner for a major hotel chain on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. It was a fun job! I loved helping people plan and theme their events. I carried that over with my children's birthday parties. One year we had a Fear Factor theme complete with live worms. When we moved to East Texas almost nine years ago, we had a garden party for my daughter. All the children decorated clay pots and signed one large for her, then we planted flowers in them. Decorating the pots served as an activity and the finished product as the party favor. For the past several years, I have themed my years. Most people make New Year Resolutions. I came across, My One Word and loved the idea. Basically, it's like setting a theme for your year. Here are my themes over the last six years:

2012 Worthy 2013 Enough 2014 Uncaged 2015 Covered 2016 Metamorphosis 2017 Clear and Sincere

My Two Words for 2017, Clear and Sincere!

Yes, this year I have two words. I probably would have chosen "clarity" but, while visiting my 93 year old grandmother she spoke "clear and sincere" over me. I told her I was focusing full-time on "her" book. She told me to be clear and sincere so that people will understand it. Those words pierced my heart. For years, I have been struggling with clarity regarding this project. The book is finally taking shape and will be published this year. I can't wait to see her face when she is holding a copy.

Save the Butter Tubs is a joint venture born out of my grandmother's revelation in the middle of the night. In  2010, I was visiting my grandmother. We had a routine in the mornings where I would bring in her paper, while she got her coffee. Then we would chat about how we slept, and the day ahead.  This particular morning, I could tell something was different about her.  She had a childlike expression and almost bursting with excitement, she told me that she woke in the middle of the night, sat straight up in her bed and had a revelation that I was to write a book about all the good in her life.

She handed me a tattered notebook where she had already jotted down some thoughts, “A memory of one person’s pilgrimage (foot steps) through life, memories of my journey of a very full life.” As I read those words, I felt honored, and humbled as if I was touching a piece of precious history…I was. That was the beginning of a new journey for me. I wasn't sure when I agreed that day how any of this would turn out and to be honest, I'm still not. I just know that I can't let it go; That God used my grandmother to confirm the calling he placed on my life five years before. A calling that I avoided because I didn't think I was worthy or enough. I was caged by fear until I accepted God's promise to be my refuge and that His faithfulness would be my armor and protection. (Psalm 91:4).

2016 proved to be a year of metamorphosis, and boy, did I need God like never before! I went from being a full-time college student, to thirty days on bed rest, to a full-time writer. I was headed in a completely different direction until I found myself sick with Lyme Disease. Thankfully, after thirty-one days, I was healed. It's funny that a bug caused my metamorphosis, since it is a term most people use to describe a butterfly changing from a "bug" to a beautiful fluttering creature.

I challenge you, even if you have already made your resolutions (maybe, even already failed at them) to theme your year! Decide what kind of party you want it to be, and then throw yourself a party! I will have a physical party this year, the theme, launching my clear and sincere book, Save the Butter Tubs. Consider yourself invited! Of course, there will be more details to come as things unfold. Stay tuned. The book will be a life changer for those that read it!

Tell me below in the comments your One Word. I'd loved to hear what party you have planned for 2017!

The High Price of Unbelief And How to Pay It With Faith

(Disclosure: This post will not be about me shoving my faith in Jesus in your face. It will be about faith, beliefs and the high price of unbelief in whatever it is you are struggling to believe.)

The High Cost of Unbelief and How to Pay it with FaithBelief is complex. We can believe things because we see them. I believe my office needs a serious makeover because I see chaos when I open the door. We can also believe in things we cannot see. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. I have faith in the brakes on my FJ Cruiser. I believe that when I push the brake pedal it will stop. Thankfully, it does.

What we believe about ourselves, our hopes and dreams work the same way. I believe that I am pale complexioned because I can look in the mirror. If mirrors didn't exist the sun would remind me in about fifteen minutes. I also believe I am capable of accomplishing things I have never done before. I haven't always felt that way.

When we don't believe we create stories in our heads. If I didn't have faith in my brakes, I could start fantasizing about all the horrible things that could happen to me. I could ignore the fact that my skin is pale hitting the beach all day with friends but the truth would be painful.

To start believing in myself, my abilities to accomplish my dreams, I looked back on my life. Now, I did share with you in the disclosure at the beginning of this that my faith is ultimately in Jesus. I believe that he will work all things together for those that love him and obey his commands. Let's just say for a moment you don't believe that, that's your choice. Either way, take a look back over your life. What things have you accomplished that you never thought were possible? Write them down. Think about how you felt before you did them. Did you believe you could accomplish them?

In 2010, I participated in a Sprint Triathlon. I will save the full story for another time but just know that I am not that kind of athlete. I was pushing myself to do something I had never done before. I didn't even own a bike! I borrowed one three days before the event. I didn't know if I could accomplish this goal or not. I was believing in something I had not seen before. Was I scared? You bet I was! Was it hard? Duh! Remember, I am not that kind of athlete. Not really an athlete at all to be honest.

Now, if I had never done that triathlon, what would it matter? It didn't shoot me to superstar status. I didn't make the Wheaties box. I didn't even get a participation medal. What I got was so much deeper. I accomplished a goal. I learned valuable lessons that I will carry with me forever. In fact, just writing this short snip bit about it gets me all fired up! It still blows my mind to this day.

I call this exercise of writing down your accomplishments your Victory Channel. (I also include my God moments. Like, the time a deer came out of nowhere almost running into the front tire of my FJ but then it was just gone, no explanation. I count those on my Victory Channel, too. They remind me that I am still here for a purpose.) When I feel my channel is stuck on the doubt station or the negativity station. I flip the switch. I read my Victory Channel list. I remind myself that I CAN do things I once doubted or at least I can try.

[Tweet theme="tweet-box-normal-blue"]I remind myself that I CAN do things I once doubted or at least I can try.[/Tweet]

What happens if you don't? If, I had never participated in that triathlon, if, I had never started this blog, what would the cost be? It breaks my heart to think of the cost. The cost is high for me and for you. Had I never done the triathlon I would be beating myself up with regret. My station would be stuck on doubt, on wondering. I would have never inspired anyone; no lessons would have been learned. No funny stories would be told. If I had not started this blog, you wouldn't be reading this. We would never meet (even if it's just over the web). My doubt station would be on. My heart would be filled with regret. My dream would be dead instead of taking off. It really comes down to the dreams in your heart. Let them out! Let them fly!

If you don’t believe in yourself, your dreams, a goal, you begin to tear yourself up. You find ways to avoid what your heart is calling you to do in faith. You make choices out a place of avoidance. Choices that can have lifelong consequences. Have patience and faith to do the next right thing that will lead you closer to your dream.

[Tweet theme="basic-white"]No matter how small, a step toward your dream is better than a step away from it.~BrendaHaire [/Tweet]

Is risk involved in believing? Sure, sometimes there is. Trust me when I say that the benefits far out weight the risks. This isn't an infomercial for one of those pills. You know the ones, grow your hair back but die of bleeding out your eyeballs... Was that too much?  You know exactly what I am talking about though and dreaming is not like that at all. The dreams are there because they are a part of you. It may be that one dream teaches you lessons to launch another. Dreams do change; however, when freed, the legacy they leave can be great.

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The High Cost of Unbelief and How to Pay it with Faith