Love is: Making the Bed

Welcome to my new blog! I hope you've taken some time to check out the resource page and other fun stuff. I will be sharing my insights about life, love, and legacy and over the next 31 one days, I will be posting daily. This year I am focused on becoming a full-time writer. We will get to more of that later.  For now, I want to dig into this post.

Love is: Making the Bed.

A while back I went to a mini-conference here locally and the woman was sharing about how it always drove her husband crazy when she left a spoon in the sink. Sometimes she would do it on purpose just to annoy him. Then she realized that she could show him that she loved him just by putting the stupid spoon in the dishwasher. It stirred up some controversy with the woman at our table. One friend was rather defiant about giving in to such "demands."
I piped in an explained that I make the bed at my house only because my husband likes it. It's a simple way I can show him I love and respect him. I don't like making the bed. (well, maybe I do now with the new bedding I got for Christmas, only because it looks so stinking pretty and makes me feel like I am on vacation but don't tell my husband.) Before the new bedding, I would dread all the pillows. We have way too many. I know, first world problems! I know I am blessed for even having a bed to make. That is not the point here. The point is that we can show people we love them by doing the simplest acts of kindness.
Why make something a battle when giving in does so much good. It feels good to make people happy and would it really kill us to give a little?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you're brave, your battle whether you've given in or not.