How to Find a Great House/Pet Sitter

Can you believe these people travel with their pet pig? We actually saw them on a trail to a waterfall. First we heard the pig squealing, then we saw them. I quickly snapped this picture because I knew no one would believe this! Not all pets travel well. Meet Maggie and Dixie our two Jack Russell Terriers. Our Jack Russell Terriers

They aren't crazy like most people think when they hear we have Jacks but ours don't travel well. To be honest we just aren't the kind of people that travel with our pets. So, what do we do?

Well, you have options.

  1. Board you pet at your veterinarian's office
  2. Board at a pet boarding business
  3. Hire a house/pet sitter

There are pros and cons to all three options. I will share our experiences.

When you board your pet at the vet's office, most of the time they are kept in a small kennel. Our dogs hated it. We used to have a Schnauzer and he would pout for days after being boarded at the vet's.

Then we tried a boarding business. It was out in the country. The dogs were kept in a larger area with other dogs. Our Schnauzer came home injured and was never the same. In fact his injury led to his death a few years later.

Finally, we found what works for us. We have a pet/house sitter come to our home. They stay at our house just like we would. If they work, or have plans out, they go out just like we would. They certainly don't have to sit in our house all day and night with our spoiled pups but every night we know that our pups have been checked on, fed, watered and loved.

House/pet sitters are a huge win for us because not only do our dogs get to keep their regular life, our house is looked after as well. Our sitters bring in our mail and any packages. Having a house/pet sitter is much less traumatizing than boarding on both our pups and us!

So, how do you find a good one you can trust with not only your fur babies but your house too? Here are a few options that have worked for us:

  1. Teachers-they are off during the summer and love making the extra income
  2. College students-we have only used some that we know well (we don't want a party!)
  3. Friends from out of town-they get to vacation in your house while you vacation somewhere else.

Do you travel with you pets? If not what do you do with them?