3 Books Every Creative Should Read

I haven't always loved to read. It wasn't until I was about nineteen that I read my first book by choice. Now, I am always reading something. For the longest time most of what I read was of the self-help category. That category gets a bad rap sometimes. I have heard Christians before talk about how you need to let go and let God, or you can't fix yourself. Whatever. I believe we need to take action on our part. When Jesus healed the guy at the pool, he told the guy to get up and walk. It was an action on the guy's part. Jesus did his part and the man had to do his. (John 5:1-15)

Do your part! Maybe, you don't know what your action should be? I encourage you to read everything you can get your hands on until you are fully walking in the Spirit. This includes, of course, God's Word. His Word is alive and has the power to change us. I do also believe that just as Jesus used stories to help get his points across or to help people remember them, sometimes we need to connect with a story. Gifted writers can do that.

Here are three books (in the order that I read them) that along with God's timing and prodding have really changed my life.

1.The War of Art by Steven Pressfield helped me to understand what was holding me back from living he dream God had placed in my heart and why. So many truths in this book that can be felt deep in your soul. It is a must read if you are "sitting by the pool complaining about not being well.

2.You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins is geared toward writers specifically but I believe you could read it and apply the insight to any dream you have. If you want to be anything, starting acting like that thing! This book pushes you over the wanting and into the doing.

3.Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner was not a new concept for me but reading through it in this way helped me emmensely. We all have names, nicknames and maybe titles,  or labels that we hear in our heads. Maybe it's names we call ourselves or have been called by others. I had a book idea about this years ago. Who knows, it may still get written. I think properly identifying ourselves they way that God does is so important to our legacy. This book helped me go from still having feelings of unworthiness and not being enough to knowing that I am enough. God says that I am. Again, not something that God's word doesn't already tell me, just something I needed to hear in a different way to make the connection.

Have you read any of these? Give me your thought in the comments below.


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11 Songs To Knock-Out Writer's Block


Find it hard to get in your grove? Writer's block taking over? Here are 11 songs that get me going every time! Let me know in the comments if you have any to add to the list I'd love to hear what gets your juices flowing!

1.  Watch on YouTube 3:42 am (Writer's Block) by Mercy Me

2. Watch on YouTube Something to Say by Matthew West

3. Watch on YouTube Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols

4. Watch on YouTube The Blessing by John Waller

5. Watch on YouTube Prodigal by Sidewalk Prophets

6. Watch on YouTube My Story by Addison Road

7. Watch on YouTube It's Your Life by Francesca Battistelli

8. Watch on YouTube Give Me Words To Speak

9. Watch on YouTube This is Your Life by Switchfoot

10. Watch on YouTube Well Done by Moriah Peters

11. Watch on YouTube Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

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Your someday is now- How to Become the Author You're Dreaming About!

Many people think of writing a book someday. Even if they've never considered themselves a writer. Maybe you've jotted down some ideas or maybe if you're like my you have journals full of ideas and more than one book started on your laptop. The task of writing can be freeing but many find it daunting. I have felt both. When I started with an idea and no direction it was daunting. I would freely write page after page, but then I felt like I had a bunch of pages that had no order. Finding out how to structure my book was so important. I am thankful for coming across the My Book Blueprint program.

Not only did it help me with my book's structure, it opened the door to a community of authors and an amazing mentor. Now that I am writing away, I am trying not to get overwhelmed by what's to come. I want my book to be successful because I want to honor my grandmother, (it was her idea to begin with) and I want to impact the lives of my readers.

Some people just want to publish a book to see their name on Amazon or on a cover. I actually already have that. I was part of an anthology, Texas Tidbits in 2012. While it was very exciting to see my name on the back cover, and I even signed a few books, the editing was disappointing. Not all of my edits made it through to the final print. I only shared the book with immediate family. I was disappointed to say the least.

This experience taught me some great lessons in the world of writing:

  1. Make sure you have control over your final edited copy (obviously)
  2. I want to write to make an impact not just to be published
  3. I am a good writer with integrity
  4. Good writers need good editors
  5. To reach people with your book you need to learn how to market it
  6. My someday is now!

Thankfully, my mentor, believes in helping people. He has helped me tremendously and now he is offering this webinar designed to help authors and aspiring authors create more influence, impact and income from their books.

3 Author Secrets I'm excited to learn:

  1. How to get your book into Barnes & Noble and other bookstores
  2. How to spike your book sales with killer trailer and launch party
  3. How to get 50 or more Amazon reviews in 1 day

So now what? How do you get it? Simple.  1.Click the picture in the top of the post. 2. Tell me  about the book in your heart in the comments!

The best thing about this webinar besides that it's FREE, there is nothing to buy at the end! You can learn, even if your not quite ready for these steps. Keep the tools in you writer's tool box and ease you mind about what's to come. The less your mind is worrying about what's going to happen after you're done writing, the freer it is to write!


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Stop Making The Biggest Grammar Mistake

Even the best writers and bloggers can make this grammar mistake. You may know the difference between there, their, and they're, but you're writing so quickly, you don't realize you just typed the wrong word for the whole world to see!

The English language is a tricky one! The most common grammar mistake is a homophone.

The #1 Writing Tool grammar mistake

ho·mo·phoneˈhäməˌfōn,ˈhōməˌfōn/ noun

noun: homophone; plural noun: homophones

each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew.

Commonly misused words (homophones):

write, right, rite

your, you're

bear, bare

to, too, two

flower, flour

conscious, conscience

hear, here

affect, effect

which, witch

then, than

our, are

buy, by

accept, except

weather, whether

one, won

break, brake

compliment, complement

allowed, aloud

its, it's

capital, capitol

principal, principle

no, know

new, knew

If it's been a while since you've been in an English class, you might not recall where exactly a comma goes either, or what about apostrophes?

I stumbled upon this awesome new app that everyone needs! Please, people, save the English language! This app is free to download! I have it on my Firefox browser and it is amazing!!! It even corrects my Facebook messages! Then, I installed it on my mac and it corrects anything I type!!! As a writer, it has been amazing to have my proofreading automatically done for me as I type! My editor will be so impressed!

So if you type anything, a Facebook post, a blog, a term paper, working on a book, a resume, you name it...you need to install this today!

stop making this grammar mistake, blog like a pro
stop making this grammar mistake, blog like a pro

I must confess, homophones are not my only grammar issues. I misuse punctuation, I am one of the worst spellers I know, but now thanks to this little app, no one will have to know! What is your biggest grammar mistake?

grammar mistake resume

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You Don't Need A Big Following To Become An Author

I did not have a big following when I met with a traditional publisher a few years back. I was crushed when he told me, "you're a nobody." No one wants to hear that! It didn't sit well with me and actually hurt. I was somebody! I am somebody! A simple somebody with a message to share and how dare someone crush that dream for me!

I'm a simple somebody with a message to share! Can you relate?

It took me several years to bounce back as a writer; to even believe I could become an author with or without a following. Of course, we all want our books to be read so having a following is important. Knowing how to build one, what it really meant after all, and to find out I could borrow one...that was valuable.

My mentor, Kary has given me so much valuable information! Mostly for free! What I've learned since being part of his Tribe has not only assisted me in writing my book, but learning how to publish it. It felt so good yesterday when in Barnes & Noble talking to an employee about my book. She told me I should talk to the manager and asked who my book distributor was, when I told her, she replied with wide-eyes, "Wow, that's a big one! Be sure to talk to the manager about a book signing!"

Before finding the right mentor, I had no idea about which distributors do what and if it was really possible to get in the big stores! Now, I'll be signing books at B&N!

If you are a writer or have ever thought of writing a book, (not everyone thinks of themselves as a writer) I encourage you to join me on my journey. Start by joining my VIP Launch Group! 

Don't let someone crush your dreams and most importantly don't let that someone be you! Stop with the excuses of not having a big following or not knowing where to start. This is where you should start!

Just today, this was an actual comment on one of my posts, "Your success is inspiring! I would love to be a ghost writer. I have also desired to write about politics, but I don’t have a platform-yet."  We have it all backwards. I never thought I needed a big following until that well-meaning publisher told me I did. But you know what else he told me? He told me to go self-publish and sell 1000 books. Then to come back and see him. Really? If I don't have a big following and go sell 1000 books, by the end of that I would have my own following and wouldn't need him! What I needed was a guide! Someone to teach me how to grow my following.  Allow me to introduce you to my guide!

Do yourself a favor. Start today. I will be right here on the journey with you!


Note: Some links lead to affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that I have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why I recommend them.

Turn Your Mess Into A Message That Makes You Money


Has anyone ever told you, "you should write a book about that?"

Have you ever felt like you have a message that needs to be heard? 

If the answer to either of those is yes, you are in the right place!

My answer was yes, too! In 2003, I managed to put together some not so good manuscripts and take them to a writer's conference where I was set to meet with a publisher. A group of aspiring authors sat around a large conference table and pitched our ideas. It was exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time. The publishing agent told me that he loved both of the concepts I submitted, but that I was basically a nobody. He told me to self-publish, and after I'd sold a thousand copies to reach out to him again.

WHAT? I thought to myself if I can sell a thousand copies on my own, what do I need you for? Of course, I have learned a ton since then and understand the reach a traditional publisher has, but I also understand the limitations and time restrictions that come with that reach.

Thinking self-publishing was my only option, I studied everything I could on the subject, but was left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I felt very alone and unsure of myself in regards to writing. Questioning if I should even be a writer, I knew I had a message that I had to get out, but struggled to get it written much less published.

Thankfully, God confirmed that I should write! The full story is in Save the Butter Tubs: Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World. For now, let's just say I am thrilled to be plugged into a community of fellow authors and mentors. No questions go unanswered! I feel connected and motivated like never before. The best part is that I now have the tools to do the job!

When I came across this webinar, I felt like I had finally found someone who understood where I was and where I wanted to go! Now, Save the Butter Tubs: Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World is schedule for release October 2018! Join my VIP Launch Team now!

Don't just sit back and watch me. If you have a message you need to get out, join me on the journey! The first step is simple, watch the webinar. It's free and it could change your life like it did mine!


  • Why today is the best time in history to publish a book and how to do it.
  • New publishing secrets that give you the most control, profit, and support.
  • How to make your book a 6-figure business, not just a $16 business card.
  • How to get your book attention and engagement without having a big platform.
  • PLUS another 75 minutes of insider tips, tools, and more.
Turn your mess into a message that makes you money
Turn your mess into a message that makes you money

Note: Some links lead to affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that I have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why I recommend them.

4 Favorite Podcasts for Writers

Follow my blog with BloglovinHeadphonesWhat are you listening to? I was late to the podcast scene. I kept hearing about them and once listened to Matt Chandler's series on Habakkuk, which was great but I never started following anyone. That was before I had a smartphone with podcasts at my fingertips. Back in the day, I would listen to cassettes of Joyce Meyer that would be the equivalent of podcasts today.

Now that I've finally tried the podcast app that came installed on my smartphone, I'm hooked. You can search for podcasts by putting in keywords. Then you can listen to an individual podcast and if you like it you can subscribe. Subscribing basically downloads the latest podcasts from the castors you follow. Most castors I follow post once a week. So as I am ready to listen, I can click on my podcasts and either select one or just go down the list of unplayed. I enjoy listening to talks, sermons, etc. I usually listen while getting dressed in the morning, or working out. I especially love the longer shows for my drives to San Antonio. The worst part about listening while driving is you can't take notes!

Lately, I've been listening to all kinds of podcasts from sermons to different themes. Here are my current favs on the topic of writing. If you're not a writer, share this with someone you know that is! In my experience writing from home, it can get lonely. Having some podcastors that you listen to on a regular basis gives you that sense of connection. Not to mention the advice, ideas and inspiration are priceless...literally as well, these four podcasts are free!

  1. Kary Oberbrunner's Igniting Souls
  2. Jeff Goins' Portfolio Life
  3. The Author Hangout: Book Marketing Tips for Indie and Self-Published Authors
  4. The Creative Penn Podcast

So let me ask you again, what are you listening to? Leave the link to your favorite podcast or if your a castor leave your link! (clean material only, all others will be deleted)

4 Favorite Podcasts for Writers









4 Writer's Tools You'll Love

Writer's Tools You'll LoveLearning from some great mentors, I recently put some great writer's tools on my Christmas list. This year my son and I came up with the idea to use our Amazon wish lists as shopping lists for each other. Knowing I need some tools to help launch my book this year, I opted for those this Christmas. Big thank you to my children for my book related gifts! What can I say?  This girl is on a mission! As always I want to help you reach your dreams as well.

[Tweet theme="tweet-box-normal-blue"]Dreams are what legacies are made of! #legacymodel #bigpromptidea[/Tweet]

Here are four writer's tools that I am currently using:

A Microphone to record my book's audible version.

Remote Control Tripod to hold my iPhone while I create videos. I love the remote control feature because I can start it with a smile on my face and not have to edit out that awkward moving away from the camera moment.

Evernote: It's free and my absolute favorite new writer's tool. A must have for ever writer as far as I am concerned. It's an app for your phone that you can set up with the projects you are working on. You can:

  • Save notes to project files
  • Save pictures to project files
  • Add reminders
  • Access the app from your computer to add your notes and such to your book project

I never thought I would change to an app. I have always been a pen and journal girl but this app has changed my world. I love that when I have a thought that needs to go into my book, I can open the app on my phone, click my microphone button and record my thought. Then when I sit down to work on my book, it's all there waiting for me on my laptop. Amazing!

This app has so many uses! I have a file for blog posts, each of my book projects, twitter posts, and so much more. Makes it so much easier than flipping through my journal to look for that one thought.

I do still use a journal to take notes and free write. If, when doing so I come across a thought or idea that fits into one of my files, I take a picture of my journal and save a picture in the appropriate file. This app is a writer's new bestie! I've heard some pod-castors say that it is too complicated but that hasn't been my experience. I love it!

This is one of the bulking tools I speak about in my free Legacy Calendar Model, the best model for successfully completing your projects. You can sign up for your free copy and get the five step model in your inbox today!

My longtime favorite tool for bulking is Hootsuite.  This tool allows you to schedule posts on your social media. There is a slew of reason for doing this. If you know you have an upcoming event that will keep you from being live, you don't have to worry, just schedule some posts. You can still server your tribe! I love it because I can bulk task all my social media. I can sit down for an hour and write posts for the entire week.

I still check my social media accounts to interact with my followers on a regular basis. If I think of something or want to share on the spot, I still post outside of Hootsuite as well.

I use the free version of both Evernote and Hootsuite. These are not affiliates. I don't get paid for telling you how awesome they are. I just think they are awesome and think you should know about them. It's all about creating a better life, a simpler life.

Four Writer's Tools You'll Love

If you've found any of these writer's tools helpful or have questions, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


To get your copy of The Legacy Calendar Model, sign up below:





Bye Bye, Writer's Block

Writer's block, no one wants that. Maybe you aren't a writer. Let's just call it creator's block. I believe we are all born to be creators of something. Your something might be dancing, cooking, humor, encouragement or whatever. Point is we all have those days where we just don't quite feel creating. Illness, lack of sleep or distractions may play a part in our lack of oomph. On the contrary, we also have those days when things just flow. Where we could just go on forever doing exactly what we love. Some call it flow. I call it the God Zone. When I am focused with God on my mission, things just seem to come out easier.

Here's the deal, last summer I wanted to exercise my writing muscles so I participated in a challenge on Instagram by a lovely blogger, Megan aka @pageflutter. At the beginning of the month she posts a list of prompts.  Then, writers create a six word story around it. Here was the one I posted prompted by "spider's web" that Megan chose for writer of the week!

Writer of the Week!

I came across her challenge mid-July so I participated part of July and all of August. It was fun, creative and connected me with some great people. My big prompt idea came when I started to focus on my book Save the Butter Tubs. I decided to create my own writing prompt list. I started with 31 days in mind but then upped it to 52 so that I would not only have a prompt for memes on Instagram but have at least one prompt per week for my new blog.

I brainstormed about Save the Butter Tubs. I wrote down any words that pertained to the stories, the theme, the cover design, and the writing process. Anything that I felt would get the juices flowing made the list. Do this on your good days! On the days you are in your zone!

[Tweet theme="tweet-box-normal-blue"]Ideas and inspiration breed Ideas and inspiration. #bigpromptidea[/Tweet]

The process itself was very inspirational. It helped me envision Save the Butter Tubs. It was a great starting point for the creative process as a whole. This is nothing new. Brainstorming has been around forever. Now I am just using those results to stay focused in a new way.

I have always loved having a detailed plan for things. Nine years ago I worked with a great boss that liked to plan our whole year at once. Our department would go on retreats as a team and brainstorm new ideas. Then we would calendar everything that needed to be done for the entire year assigning tasks as to each person's job description or more importantly their wheelhouse.  There was never a question of what to do next. I work well under this model. (I got promoted to the bosses position after he left so it must have worked! Thanks, Ken for the great model.) This model works in many industries and could change how businesses operate. It allows you to save time and money!

Like I said before, maybe you aren't a writer. Whatever you need inspiration for, this is a great place to start. I'd love to hear about the project you are brainstorming. If you are a writer or content creator on social media, I'd love to see your prompts in action. Use the hashtag #bigpromptidea so I can find your work. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Are you tired of starting a project and wondering what to do next? Download my free ebook The Legacy Calendar Model! You will get a process that works! You will be set up for success!