Kayaking in Florida State Park

Crystal Beach, Destin, Florida If you’ve connected with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you know that we've spent a week in Destin, Florida. It’s not our typical hiking vacation but it was a great experience.  Looking for adventure we headed to Rocky Bayou State Park for some kayaking. I had a wonderful time. Darren said he didn't care much for the type of kayak we had. He said it was too constraining. He felt like he was going to tip it over. I am so thankful he didn't since we shared one!

We paddled out to where we had seen dolphins from the shore but by the time we got there they were long gone. A storm was brewing so we headed back. My youngest daughter and her friend had fun splashing in the water as we loaded up the kayaks.

Kayaking in Rocky Bayou

For those interested in Rocky Bayou kayaking:

  • If you are in Destin, you will have to cross the toll road. $4 each way.
  • There is a small fee to enter the park.
  • You rent the kayaks at the park office. The same place you pay upon entry.
  • The fee to rent the kayaks is based single, double or canoe.
  • They provide life jackets, paddles and seats for the kayaks.
  • The kayaks are down by the water locked up. They will give you a key.
  • The life jackets, paddles and seats you will have to cart yourself. (good thing we had the truck)
  • There is a restroom close to where you get the kayaks to change.

After turning in the kayaking equipment and key, we headed to one of their trails. It was so nice to be in the woods! Although we didn't have proper footwear, we enjoyed the sights. Hope you do, too! Happy exploring! Do you prefer the water, or the woods?

Found a trail!

Bridge at trailhead.

View from Bridge

Deer Moss

Deer Moss on stick