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Best Smelling Restroom, Evah!

If you're new to following us, I'll tell you that we love Tennessee! We come as often as we can and have bobbed and weaved chasing waterfalls along the way. This trip we spent two nights getting to Gatlinburg so we could see some beauties in the Monteagle area and the Fall Creek Falls State Park.
As I am writing this, we are back on I-40 heading to lunch at Full Service Barbecue in Maryville, TN.  We woke up to snow in Fall Creek Falls and hiked to the main fall which was stunning! The hike was a little steeper than I recall but short and easy. It's rocky with plenty to see.

Trail to Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls

 The water was flowing with all the rain they've had and the snow was starting to accumulate. We opted to drive to Cane's Creek Falls (<-video of falls) and park at the Nature Center so we could just hop in the car after and head out. We probably would have hiked it if we were staying another night and had more time. Either way you come out at the gorgeous Falls that cascade two levels. From the main overlook there was another fall back to the right that was tall! The lady at the Nature Center told me it was called Rockhouse Falls.

Rockhouse Creek Falls

Suspension Bridge over Cane's Creek

View from the Suspension Bridge

Darren picked up a new book at the Nature Center as well. Waterfall Walks and Drives of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee will be the source for many new hikes, I am sure!
They park staff was great sweeping the snow from the suspension bridge and the stairs. It was all so nice! It was 27 degrees out but didn't feel cold at all. Not until we got in the truck sweaty and then got out for gas a ways down the road...33 then felt like 12!  Heated seats never felt so good!
The snow stopped as we got onto I-40, when I was writing earlier. We had a clear drive into Maryville for lunch. It was about 35 degrees out so we grabbed our ribs and ate in the truck. Full Service is an old gas station and only has outdoor seating at this location. They have the best smelling bathrooms evah! I know, that's weird. The bathrooms backup to the smokehouse so it smells like smoked ribs!!! It is rather strange walking into a restroom and enjoying the smell! Leave it to us to find such a gem...

Full Service BBQ

The ribs are so good they fall off the bone. Darren said the flavor was so good they must have been smoking these since we were here in August. I have to agree! I didn't even like ribs before I tried these. (I know I shouldn't admit that since I am from Texas...I don't like chicken fried steak either now that I am confessing.) This is a must stop for all carnivores. Dry ribs rock!
As we continued on, we went through Townsend, Wears Valley, Piegon Forge and then onto the Parkway to our resort. If you have followed us on Facebook, you know that our resort caught fire in December. Thankfully, some of the cabins were spared and here we are!  We could see some of the destruction driving in but when we turned onto our property, tears filled my eyes. It was overwhelming to look up the side of the mountain and not see it how we left it last summer. I couldn't even look at the parking attendant. I was afraid I'd look like a crazy woman.
We will post some pictures tomorrow for those curious. After hiking today, the only thing I wanted to do when we got here was unpack and shower. Darren took a few pictures and we will take plenty more I am sure. Be sure to follow us on Facebook if you don't already! I posted some live videos today and will do the same as the week continues!
We'd also love to hear from you in the comments. Let us know if there is anything here you'd like to know about or see? If you have any questions about any of the hikes, we'd love to help!






Travel Reading

Reading a book while you are on vacation or while traveling is a great way to enhance your reading experience as well as your trip.  This was never truer than our trip to Yosemite a few years ago. We flew into San Francisco spending a few days visiting some spots we missed on our first trip there. Must see places like Lands End and China Town. Then we headed south through Big Sur staying overnight in Carmel. Further south we stayed in Cambria to visit Moonstone Beach. The town was quaint and the beach was amazing! Then it was time to circle back to the north toward Yosemite. Once we made it to the National Park we stopped in the Ansel Adams Gallery and it was there I was taken by two books. The first was Ansel's autobiography. I realized that while I had always admired his work, I really didn't know much about him. The second was a book of letters. I love letters. The good old fashioned hand-written snail mail kind!

As soon as we checked into the hotel, we headed to the pool. I opened Ansel's autobiography and lost myself in the places we had just visited. I didn't realize he grew up in the San Francisco area. Many of the very places we had seen this specific trip were mentioned. Even his travels to Carmel through Big Sur. It was a magical read. He spoke of his love for Yosemite with a passion that was contagious. Reading this specific book on this trip was a perfect fit!

Have you ever planned your reading materials based on where you would be traveling? I'd love to hear about it in the comments or connect with us on Facebook.

I have been reading a ton since summer vacation this year. Here is short list of my latest reads.

  1. Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner
  2. Intentional Living by John Maxwell
  3. The Power of Story by Jim Loehr
  4. The Art of Work by Jeff Goins
  5. You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins

*All time favorite book besides the Bible, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I've read several of Pressfield's books and loved them all. Currently on my reading table, more Kary Oberbrunner. I will be polishing off three more of his non-fictions while enjoying his Elixir Project fiction work weekly.

  1. Day Job to Dream Job
  2. Deeper Path
  3. Called

Kary's book Your Secret Name is right up there with The War of Art. Both have been life changing! Lessons in these books literally changed me. I will be writing a full review on my new website coming soon.

Are you sensing a theme?  I am working on some deep me stuff and doing some research for my upcoming book. Who knows maybe someday you will be taking my book on your trip? Would love to know what you are currently reading?

Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that if you click them and buy something we make a commission — at no extra cost to you. This is just one way we are able to keep this blog going. So if you enjoy the blog, appreciate the recommendation and were going to buy this stuff anyway, this is a great way to show your support. And don’t forget: We only recommend products and services that we use and love.

How to chase waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains

Best book for chasing waterfalls! The easiest way to navigate the waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains is to buy this little book. We purchased one on our first trip and had a blast chasing waterfalls. This little gem is small enough to carry on the trail but full of all the information you need:

-Pictures of the waterfalls (is it worth the hike)

-Elevation gain

-Round trip mileage (nothing worse than thinking it's a four miler when it is really an eight miler)

-Directions to the trailhead

-Directions to the falls themselves

We love this book so much, one year we couldn't find it so we bought another! We write the dates we hiked each one on the page along with any other important details we might want to remember.

Get your copy now and start planning and training if need by for those elevation gains!


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Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that if you click them and buy something we make a commission — at no extra cost to you. This is just one way we are able to keep this blog going. So if you enjoy the blog and were going to buy this stuff anyway, this is a great way to show your support. And don’t forget: We only recommend products and services that we use and love.