You Don't Need A Big Following To Become An Author

I did not have a big following when I met with a traditional publisher a few years back. I was crushed when he told me, "you're a nobody." No one wants to hear that! It didn't sit well with me and actually hurt. I was somebody! I am somebody! A simple somebody with a message to share and how dare someone crush that dream for me!

I'm a simple somebody with a message to share! Can you relate?

It took me several years to bounce back as a writer; to even believe I could become an author with or without a following. Of course, we all want our books to be read so having a following is important. Knowing how to build one, what it really meant after all, and to find out I could borrow one...that was valuable.

My mentor, Kary has given me so much valuable information! Mostly for free! What I've learned since being part of his Tribe has not only assisted me in writing my book, but learning how to publish it. It felt so good yesterday when in Barnes & Noble talking to an employee about my book. She told me I should talk to the manager and asked who my book distributor was, when I told her, she replied with wide-eyes, "Wow, that's a big one! Be sure to talk to the manager about a book signing!"

Before finding the right mentor, I had no idea about which distributors do what and if it was really possible to get in the big stores! Now, I'll be signing books at B&N!

If you are a writer or have ever thought of writing a book, (not everyone thinks of themselves as a writer) I encourage you to join me on my journey. Start by joining my VIP Launch Group! 

Don't let someone crush your dreams and most importantly don't let that someone be you! Stop with the excuses of not having a big following or not knowing where to start. This is where you should start!

Just today, this was an actual comment on one of my posts, "Your success is inspiring! I would love to be a ghost writer. I have also desired to write about politics, but I don’t have a platform-yet."  We have it all backwards. I never thought I needed a big following until that well-meaning publisher told me I did. But you know what else he told me? He told me to go self-publish and sell 1000 books. Then to come back and see him. Really? If I don't have a big following and go sell 1000 books, by the end of that I would have my own following and wouldn't need him! What I needed was a guide! Someone to teach me how to grow my following.  Allow me to introduce you to my guide!

Do yourself a favor. Start today. I will be right here on the journey with you!


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