3 Books Every Creative Should Read

I haven't always loved to read. It wasn't until I was about nineteen that I read my first book by choice. Now, I am always reading something. For the longest time most of what I read was of the self-help category. That category gets a bad rap sometimes. I have heard Christians before talk about how you need to let go and let God, or you can't fix yourself. Whatever. I believe we need to take action on our part. When Jesus healed the guy at the pool, he told the guy to get up and walk. It was an action on the guy's part. Jesus did his part and the man had to do his. (John 5:1-15)

Do your part! Maybe, you don't know what your action should be? I encourage you to read everything you can get your hands on until you are fully walking in the Spirit. This includes, of course, God's Word. His Word is alive and has the power to change us. I do also believe that just as Jesus used stories to help get his points across or to help people remember them, sometimes we need to connect with a story. Gifted writers can do that.

Here are three books (in the order that I read them) that along with God's timing and prodding have really changed my life.

1.The War of Art by Steven Pressfield helped me to understand what was holding me back from living he dream God had placed in my heart and why. So many truths in this book that can be felt deep in your soul. It is a must read if you are "sitting by the pool complaining about not being well.

2.You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins is geared toward writers specifically but I believe you could read it and apply the insight to any dream you have. If you want to be anything, starting acting like that thing! This book pushes you over the wanting and into the doing.

3.Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner was not a new concept for me but reading through it in this way helped me emmensely. We all have names, nicknames and maybe titles,  or labels that we hear in our heads. Maybe it's names we call ourselves or have been called by others. I had a book idea about this years ago. Who knows, it may still get written. I think properly identifying ourselves they way that God does is so important to our legacy. This book helped me go from still having feelings of unworthiness and not being enough to knowing that I am enough. God says that I am. Again, not something that God's word doesn't already tell me, just something I needed to hear in a different way to make the connection.

Have you read any of these? Give me your thought in the comments below.


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