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Level up 5-Day Challenge

5 Simple Strategies Successful People Use to Implement Their Goals!

(So simple they don’t want you in on the secret!)

But I’m pulling back the curtain to let you know achieving your goals is easier than you ever imagined! I used these strategies to achieve goals many only dream about! For years, I was still dreaming about my goals. Then I learned these simple tricks and became a published author! I just wrapped up a 10 week book tour and this year I’ll be on a conference tour! What? Yep, these strategies are simple but effective!

No matter what your goals are, these strategies will set you up to actually achieve them!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The five non-negotiable strategies successful people use for every goal.

  • The three circles you need in your life and why.

  • The secrets to executing any goal to achieve a desirable outcome.

  • A proven model for gaining and maintaining focus to follow through on your vision.

  • A duplicatable process to up level any part of your life, work, and play.

  • How God is waiting on you and what your action plan should include.

The FREE Five Day Challenge Includes:

  • Five daily video trainings that will guide you toward leveling up in life, work, and play.

  • Membership in a closed Facebook group where you can get your questions answered.

  • Learn strategies and network with a global community of like-minded individuals.

  • Daily instructional emails providing tools, tips and tricks to unlocking your potential to level up.

  • Interviews with individuals who have taken the steps to level up!

  • Bonus resources - daily action plans, bonus video, PDFs and other fun surprises.


Your Guide:

Brenda Haire is an author, speaker, and certified coach, turning minutes into aha moments where her clients discover their worth finding contentment and courage to live on purpose.

Brenda has been sharing transformative messages since 2006. Through her transparency, she helps individuals move along their faith journey. It is a journey! Brenda’s passion is to help you live a life worthy of your calling. She values life experience, relationships, creativity, and continual learning.

She and her hubs (as she so lovingly refers to him on social media), Darren, are both military veterans. They love hiking and chasing waterfalls. They live in Texas with their beautifully blended family and their loyal Jack Russell, Maggie.