A Tribe is More Than a Buzzword

Just give me the knowledge

I was first introduced to this exotic community of creatives called The Igniting Souls Tribe in September of 2016. I watched a webinar sponsored by Jeff Goins, Author of Real Artists Don’t Starve. He introduced some bald guy with a girl’s name and I  wanted his knowledge. It was exactly what I needed for my business and my book!  At the time I wasn’t financially prepared for the program that I wanted so I started with an introductory offer. The value of that offer was more than I ever thought I’d receive. I not only got what I paid for  (which was extremely helpful!) but I was IN THE TRIBE!

What I wanted to know:

  • How to help others with my message?
  • How to make a difference with my book?
  • How to turn my book into a business?

What’s the heck is a Tribe?

By definition, a tribe is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

Basically, this new buzzword is going back to the basics. Instead of just having a following, you create a community of like minded individuals. The leader sets the rules and the standards. Some do this very intentionally while others just lump anyone breathing into a group to feel better about themselves and claim a following. The Igniting Souls Tribe is very intentional. They have a strong leader that is the face and voice of many of the programs they offer. Kary Oberbrunner is an author, speaker, coach and does just that.

He has written several books, speaks around the world and coaches not only one-on-one but his TRIBE! Yep, he is actively coaching with phone calls twice a week, a very active private Facebook group that is kept intentional with rules for posting and any time I have personally reached out to him over the last year, he replies…and quickly! Talk about service! Kary is all about serving others and he has taught his tribe well.

Genius Marketing

Once I became part of the tribe, I couldn’t believe I was rubbing shoulders with people that were taking the courses that I couldn’t yet fund. I was watching their questions in the Facebook group and seeing the interaction with not only Kary but among the tribe members themselves. Everyone serving one another.

Kary, Me and David
Kary, Me and David

I didn’t even know I’d be in the tribe much less know I’d have access to Kary through the Facebook group. I quickly realized what geniuses both Kary and his business partner David Branderhorst are! The gave me more than I paid for up front and then allowed me to start trusting them and their tribe. I saw the interactions, the magic really.

Honestly, I don’t know how Kary keeps it all straight in his head but he knows most of the tribe by name and goals! Whether that is a book, to become a coach or speaker. He knows the stories that make up the people. I stand in awe!


I made a decision that I would attend the annual Igniting Souls Conference (ISC), which by the way, you don’t have to be in the tribe yet to attend!  I was invited to speak on stage at the conference when my book is published in 2018 so I decided I’d better go to this conference and see what all the hype was about.

Donna, Me and Author Bamidele Adenipekun
Donna, Me and Author Bamidele Adenipekun

In the Facebook group, the tribe started working out details for people that were traveling in for the event and needed roommates or rides. I needed both. I made the trip from Texas to Ohio to share a room with a woman I barely knew and trusted a complete stranger to pick me up from the airport. Why? Because of the tribe!

These people were all active in the tribe. Some more than others but remember what I said about serving others. That’s exactly what was unfolding. Three other ladies figured out through the Facebook post that we were all arriving about the same time. One dear new friend, Donna, was renting a car and offered to drive us all to our hotel which was just walking distance to the conference center.

Round Table MastermindsThe day of our trip everyone started texting each other (we exchanged numbers so we could easily find each other at the airport.) Donna texted “almost to the mothership.” That word mothership summed up my entire conference experience.

It was an incredible weekend filled with like-minded creatives all moving in the same direction. It was a place were there was no competition. Instead, everyone was serving each other, answering questions, setting up round table discussions where some of the most powerful masterminds happened.

No Aliens Allowed

At the conference, Kary brought in a team of speakers that complimented the tribe. They fit right in! Some of the best experts in their field yet they didn’t just speak and leave, nope, they stayed and shared meals with us. They spent hours in the hallways talking and coaching us. It was servant-hood at its finest. You could ask anything and they would focus like you were the only one in the room. Of course, others gathered around to gleam whatever they could from these valuable conversations. I was humbled by their humility and kindness and took notes as fast as I could!

Mike Kim, Brian J. Dixon, Kary, Amy Schmittauer Landino, Dexter Godfrey and David
Mike Kim, Brian J. Dixon, Kary, Amy Schmittauer Landino, Dexter Godfrey and David
Amy Schmittauer Landino and Me in the hallway
Amy Schmittauer Landino and Me in the hallway
Brian J. Dixon and Andrew Fehr
Brian J. Dixon and Andrew Fehr
Me and Dexter Godfrey
Me and Dexter Godfrey-You never know who you’ll have breakfast with!


















What I learned?

  • How to help others with my message.
  • How to make a difference with my book.
  • How to turn my book into a business.
  • Tribes are communities worth investing in.
  • Energy is contagious
  • Fill up, pour out, over flow
  • The ISC is like no conference I have ever experienced because their tribe is like no other community I’ve ever been a part of.










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  1. Jeff Goins has some pretty great ideas, doesn’t he? Wow, this conference sounds like such a positive experience! I’d love to attend one of these some day…I love the tribe concept and have gained so much knowledge from other bloggers. Thanks for sharing about your experience!

    1. Yes, I am thankful Jeff introduced me to Kary! I am a huge fan of Jeff’s books. I’ve not been to his conference. This conference was worth the investment!

  2. This sounds super interesting and like you really learned alot! The tribe concept is definitely cool… thanks for sharing!

  3. Taylor Aube says:

    i love this post and the keyword “tribe” – i totally agree that a tribe is a community of like minded individuals 🙂

  4. I have never heard of Jeff Goins. But I love having a like minded community or tribe. It has made a huge difference in my life.

  5. This sounds like a pretty powerful conference! How I wish I could’ve been a fly on that wall, but reading this certainly provided some insight. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I did a live conference a few years ago with Amy Porterfield which was fantastic. It’s amazing how you can create these communities that are mostly online. The internet is a fabulous place for business owners. Glad you got so much out of the Souls Conference.

  7. Wow! It sounds as if you had an absolutely amazing time at this conference, and also that this is a great group of people for you to be around, especially at this point in your journey! Your heart must be so full!

  8. Your tribe sounds incredible. It’s the true definition of what a tribe should be. I’m not familiar with Jeff or Kary, but I do recognize Amy Schmittaur as I follow her on Youtube. I’m not a vlogger like she is but I do find her message so inspiring.

  9. I love walking away from a seminar and feeling like I really got something out of it. I’m glad to see you did from this one! Good luck with your book!

  10. This sounds like it taught so much! I really love the messages that you have shared here about finding yourself and also your tribe.

  11. Krystle Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing everything that you have learned. I would love to attend a conference like this in the future!

  12. This sounds like a great conference. It’s so important to feel confident with and empowered by the people you call your “tribe”.

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